About Our Workshops

WHERE?  On London's streets.

WHAT TO EXPECT IN YOUR WORKSHOP  URBAN SAFETY conduct their 90 minute Street Workshops actually out on the streets of London.

After meeting and introduction at one of their locations in London the group (small enough to remain personal and to allow close communication with the instructor) will be given an honest assessment of the threats to safety in London and how it impacts upon YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY.

‚ÄčThe current terror threat will be discussed and the reality of the threat from shooting, explosions, knife or vehicle ramming attack explained to clients.

Then, moving locations locally on foot (short distances), you will learn by observation and discussion the characteristics displayed by victims of street crime and how you can avoid looking & behaving like a 'victim in the making'.

Moving on again you will learn about safety in public spaces and when walking around London. This phase will consider the threat in detail and how planning for safety, personal awareness and clever use of your surroundings all work together to improve greatly YOUR PERSONAL SAFETY.

The instructors also cover how to deal with aggression if encountered and the use and value of personal alarms.

The instructor also covers UK law regarding the use of self-defence and everyday items in defending yourself.

Self-defence is the ultimate discussion topic. Just what should you do? By law, can you be a 'have-a-go hero' or will you end up in court charged with assault. URBAN SAFETY explain it to you in its simplest form and explain EXACTLY where you powers as a citizen start and end. This will allow you, in the heat of the moment, to decide upon the safest and best of course of action.


URBAN SAFETY not only provides our URBAN SAFETY STREET WORKSHOPS but can also create bespoke training courses of any duration for private or corporate clients at venues of your choice. URBAN SAFETY operates anywhere where suitable training environments exist. Please call or write to discuss your requirements